Monday, June 22, 2015

Instagram Followers - Part 02

Here is the 2nd part of my Instagram series.

If you are looking for fun, quirky, stylish and happy mens fashion post then look no ahead and just follow these two cuties! They really make fashion look so easy ;)

Looking for art and picture collaboration? Here it is. A professional doodler from Montreal, Vallancourt is into Art, fashion and Graphic Designing.

Sarcastic. Tongue in cheek. In your face. Thats all!

This lady is world famous for nothing. Her face and smile has been manipulated and how. Anyone with an artistic streak can submit their work to get featured. The only golden rule is - Mona Lisa. Just play with her man!

Wonderful culmination of two different era of art to present one.

Aaron Paul, 20 something designer genius is someone who think from heart. Clean pictures. Lot of space and great compositions makes his account quiet interesting.

If you looking for black and whites and some sexy men, then this is what you need to check and follow. Blindly!

Another fantastic watercolorist from Kerala, Prashant Miranda is a master in his medium who likes to document moments in the form of water-colour art from his travelogue.

Crazy! Just see his account.

A traveller from Cape Town who loves New York and India. Need I say more?

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