Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Instagram Follower-Part 01

I follow some 300+ accounts on Instagram including people, artist, fashionistas, bloggers and creative highs. Although every account is unique in its own way but then few of them really need that special mention. I will try and select as many as possible so that you all can follow them as well.

Trust me these guys are super amazing!

Salem! Extremely talented artist from Madrid making drawings from real peoples picture. Its very inspiring to see his work that he posts regularly.

If you are into fashion and specifically into mens fashion then look no further and just follow Mr Turk. Color, cuts, styling are his forte and he excel in all the departments.

You just follow this coolest dude. No questions asked. He is a true inspiration for style, fitness and being happy. I always get this big smile on my face every time I see his new post. Positive.

Looking for something unique and different in terms of capturing the world around you? Then this is the account that will challenge your inner ability as a traveller and photographer.

God created man and thank God for this man to created this account. Cheesy it may sound, but haven't we had enough of seeing naked women around in the art world since eons? Its time to bring the change!

Simple. Clean. Light. And shadow. This guy is something when it come to taking breathtaking pictures. What an eye you got buddy. Thank you for sharing them with us!

Who says fashion is all about adults? This coolest and cutest kid will change your perception and how!

If I ever meet this artist, I am gonna kiss that hand for creating magic every time. And if at all I can afford, will definitely invest in this art.

I am a sucker for old world charm and this magician is doing exactly that in todays time. Done in water-colour and pen, his art gets that old world postcard style thats oh-so-nostalgic to look at.

The most stylish couple on the Instagram without any doubt. Good place to take tips in styling and whats in, in fashion and accessories.

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