Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Paigah Tombs

I heard about them but never really seen them in reality till recently. Thanks to my dear friend Jonty, of Detours, who pushed me to come along with her. Glad I listened to her.

Paigah Tombs or Maqbara Shums Ul Umra, are the tombs belonging to the noble Paigah family. They are located in the old city of Hyderabad called Pisalbanda.

We were welcomed by the ever smiling care taker, Rehmat Ullah and his grand son, Innayat Ullah. He and his family has been taking care of the tombs since 60 plus years. They have been given a small house in the courtyard to stay. As it was just the day after Eid, Rehmat saab treated us with the delicious Sheer Khorma and the amazing Udd Ittar. Soon after we began exploring the tombs.

To say that the tombs are just magnificent will not be wrong, besides they make marvelous architectural study. Decorated in stucco work and represent an interesting mixture of Asaf Jahi, Rajasthani, Mughal, Persian and Deccani style of architecture. Its a completely different era altogether.

Try to go leisurely as there is much more to explore at this place besides looking at some 50 odd tombs including that of Amir e Kabir, Abul Fakhruddin Khan, Shums Ud Dowla and many more..

there is a small but cute Masjid too in the courtyard.

I shall try to go on a sunny day the next time I am in Hyderabad as my camera does not support cloudy day picture. Nevertheless I am glad and happy that I went. And once again, a big THANK YOU to Jonty.

The masjid in the Tombs courtyard

One of the main entrances 

The wooden doors with interesting jail work

One of the main courtyard of tombs

Even the walls are beautifully decorated

Jonty of De Tours company

Between the two pillars

An interesting inlay work on one of the tombs 

Another tomb courtyard

Paigah Tombs from outside

Stunning tree of life work on the wall

Rehmat Ullah

Rehmat Ullah while seeing us off!

Innayat Ullah

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