Saturday, November 2, 2013

Item Number Ki Jai!!!!

Just like an over-the-top ‘item song’ instantly uplifts a boring Bollywood flick, the Mumbai-based fashion & lifestyle brand Item Number by Designer Inderjit Nagi and Artist Syed Ali Arif, too spices up, glamorizes and boosts the style quotient of your wardrobe, house or workspace. The range of products is chic, irresistible and inimitable and is ideal for anyone who wants to break away from ‘same-old-pretty-cutesy-safe’ stuff and step into a vibrant world of fearless colours, intriguing patterns and unabashed ‘desi-pann’.

The brand's biggest inspiration is the wonder that India is! It tries to capture the organized chaos seen in the everyday life. The very Indian-ness of things or ‘desi-pann’ is what Item Number stands true to. India traditionally has a huge database of design in almost all aspects—whether its clothing, food, architecture, home decor, places of worship, mode of transport, festivals, weddings—one always sees a riot of colors, abundant usage of patterns, textures and other design elements and Item Number's kitsch designs bring these design elements together, turning them to pieces of art. (And who doesn't drool over a design with pretty colors?)

Item Number is also partial to Hindi movies, popularly known as Bollywood—a legendary place where today’s nobodies are transformed overnight into tomorrow’s sensational stars. The bold and daring designs on the products often find inspiration in yesteryear silver-screen icons in their famous character roles, retro blockbusters, hit on-screen couples, cheeky dialogues, unforgettable movie moments and the extinct art of poster painting. Pop-art, designer Andy Warhol, the 60s era, vintage photographs and Indian signs & signage are also some other inspirations.

Exaggerated images and eye-catching blends of black-and-white with highly colored accents are among the brand's trademark styles, as seen in most of the products.

Launched in 2009 at a beautiful kitschy store called 'Azaad Bazaar' in the shopping district of Bandra, the brand, within a span of one year, started supplying to kitschy stores across the country including, Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Goa and recently added Udaipur to their list.

Go to their page to know the store locations, updates on their exhibitions and launch of new products and do check out their new website to order the colourful quirky stuff online. :) 

Inderjit (standing) & Arif (seated)



Cushion covers

Laptop Bags

Messenger Bag



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