Friday, August 7, 2015

Healing with the Medicine of the Prophet!

It is a book for those who are in search of good health. I stumbled upon it at the Friday Book Bazaar in the Masjid next to my house and could not stop myself from buying it.

Although it was written over some six hundred odd years ago, it is an extremely timely work for this generation as well in which health and natural health care is not being given any importance.

Of course the author presents the guidance of the Prophet Mohammad in dealing with variety of health issues, including treatments of ailments and preventive remedies to keep the body fit but I personally feel it has very universal solutions without looking at it only from religious point of view.

I shall be sharing many pointers as and when I start reading it but here are few that caught my attention.

May every soul benefit from it. 


1. Al-Harith said, "Whoever seeks longevity, although eternal living is not possible, should have early lunch and dinner, wear light clothes and refrain from excessive sexual activities."
Further he added, " four things weaken the body: sexual intercourse when one is hungry, taking bath soon after a meal, eating dried meat and drinking excessive water repeatedly on empty stomach"

2. Always take a small walk after dinner.

3. Smelling perfume/oils, wearing linen and taking bath everyday strengthen the body.

4. Do not eat food while there is still food in your stomach.

5. Chew your food properly.

6. Avoid excessive talking, sex, sleep and eating as they cause body sickness, weaken the mind and hasten old age.

7. Avoid too much meat during summer.

8. Have a glass of warm water everyday in winter to save yourself from any illness.

9. Depression, sadness, hunger and staying up late at night demise the body energy.

10. Looking at greenery, running water, fruits and loved ones bring joy.

11. Whoever's caught cold should not sleep on his back nor should a depressed person eat sour food.

12. Eating too much onion, beans, olives and eggplant harm the mind.

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