Sunday, May 3, 2015

Get Instant Click

The Juhu Beach in Mumbai is one of the most famous Indian beaches. The place is always buzzing with families, friends, travelers and enthusiast localities who are looking for fun times to spend. The Beach is world famous for its local delicacies and street food. The food stalls set up here offer excellent cuisines and snack items. People in Mumbai visit this beach to relax and enjoy after a long, tedious day. Watching the sunset in this wonderful place, guarded by the vast Arabian Sea, is a dream-like vision for anyone who visits the beach.

But the one very common thing that you get to see here are the 'Instant Photographers'!

In such a “digital age”, and the 'camera cell phone' democracy, the instant photographers offering their services next to tourist attractions or at the beach have almost seems so outdated that it almost difficult to believe that they still exist.

The culture of printed images is deeply rooted in indian culture. This “minute” photography service makes then sense and allows people to bring home a tangible proof of this relaxing moment on the beach with friends or family.

On Sunday afternoon, more than 50 photographers offer their service on the 3 km long beach. Most of them wear accessories (hats, sunglasses, necklaces) that can be lent at any time to “customers”.

After tedious running and convincing the clients (its a task truly) these Instant Photographers guide their model convincing them to take some kind of stereotypical poses in front of the camera and people happily oblige.

its not the case always. Once I took picture of this couple and after handing over them the printed copy, the man started crying and said he got carried-away and now does not have enough money to go back home. I have to request my friends to contribute and we gave them the money and sent them home”, said Prasad one of the senior most photographer.

Hearing this another young chap got in and said, “true, but once I had this guy from abroad, he paid me Rs. 500/- for a mere Rs.50 worth of work. So you see we get all sorts of people”.

But it is hard work. Except one weekends, that's Saturday and Sunday, we hardly make money on weekdays”, 32 years old, Mohan said.

These guys are not professional photographers, but have learnt the nuisance under an expert for sometime before joining the bandwagon. “oh god! I am not creating any fashion photoshoot so what difference it makes if I know the tricks or not. In the end we have to satisfy the client by taking good picture”, Prasad concluded.

Soon after a few clicks here and there, the client decide the best one among the lot for final printing. In a few minutes the images are printed and given to the 'model' under a small plastic cover protecting it from san and sea spray.

Next time when you visit Juhu Beach, do get yourself an instant picture and help these artist. 


  1. Love the concept .. Photographing the photographer

    1. Thanks. We should do it together soon before monsoon.