Thursday, April 24, 2014

Hikkaduwa and Unnawatuna


After settling down in Galle, we took off to Hikkaduwa the next day on the bike. It takes approximately between 30-40 minutes to reach the crowded but clean and beautiful beach side. The road to Hikkaduwa from Galle is very romantic and stunning. You actually ride by sea side and what fun that is!

Once you hit the area look for a nice place to park your bike and go for a swim. Remember most of the shacks do not have shower area so be little careful. We met a very helpful man who owns a shop by the beach and offered his place for us to take a quick shower. Blessing!

Hikkaduwa is known for coral reefs and spotting exotic colorful fish besides of-course feeding the turtles. So plan your trip for a whole day.

Do have a nice leisure lunch at any of the shacks offering sea food delicacies and Sri Lankan fare. Then go have fun in the sun but come back to have chilled beer or evening tea watching the most spectacular sunset in this region.

Clean and blue sea water

Although it was filled with the locals but nevertheless it was worth stopping by

Inderjit feeding and playing with the Turtles

A wood carver giving finishing touches to the head

One of the shacks

The stunning sunset


The next day we took off to these two beaches. They are little further and takes around an hour or so to reach but its just worth all the trouble, heat and long ride.

These are the most secluded beaches we have ever come across. Few to almost nobody in the vicinity for you to even take skinny dip. ;)

On the way do look for the local stilt fishermen waiting patiently for their catch of the day. It's a strange sight and something I haven't seen anywhere else in the world. The fishermen perch on these sticks that are embedded in the sand and it looks excruciatingly uncomfortable to me! You would have to have pretty good balance as they are out there for hours. Worth taking pictures.

The only thing missing on this beach front are the shacks. There are none actually and you have to carry lots of water, things to munch and lots and lots of sunscreen for emergency. We randomly pulled at a small house turned into a restaurant on the roadside offering the yummiest and unlimited Sri Lankan buffet style dishes for mere LKR 100/- for each person. That was something else.

Just ride on your bike, or take a swim or relax on the empty beaches, there is nothing to worry about while you are here.

Oh! I still feel the sunburns thou ;)

Unnawatuna is paradise for surfers


The stilt fishermen

Inderjit having the best time under the sun

Relaxing after a days journey

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