Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Kathakali Shadows

My first-ever trip to Allepey, Kerala in 2008 had more to offer than just being a mere vacation. I was fortunate enough to witness an exclusive & personal Kathakali dance performance, whereby I was exposed to their tedious & intricate art of face-painting. I was rapt by their absolute hard-work and the face painting session almost lasted for over an hour! The mesmerizing act itself was of 2 hours duration.

And to pay respect to this wonderful facial art I decided to paint a series, aptly titled, KATHAKALI SHADOWS.

Why the word 'Shadows'? Well, since the series is more about the 'backstage' feel—the make-up application, the relaxed body language and the casual postures—and not so much about the actual dance-form

It was very well-received and happens to be the only lengthy series I have worked on till date, having begun the same in 2008.

Hope you like the works as much as I have loved painting them.

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